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Theater Erlangen Season Preview 2016/17

»Utopia Home« is the motto for the season 2016/17 at the theatre in Erlangen. We created a book that is engaging the reader to dive into the current issues and events. The information of the plays comes bit by bit next to a constant stream of secondary texts.
Photographer Thomas Bergner added the right mood with his still life images.

Concept, research and layout - while working at Neue Gestaltung
SZH-test-1-cover SZH-test-U2 SZH-test-3 SZH-test-4 SZH-test-8 SZH-test-5 SZH-test-6 SZH-test-7 SZH-vier SZH-test-9 SZH-test-8-bc

Magnetic Ghost Orchestra »Sand«

»Ideas? Oh, I've got a million dreams. That's all I do… is dream… All the time.« That’s what Duke Ellington said. And that’s what Moritz Sembritzki did. His 16-headed orchestra performs the diverse process of a night full of dreams. The concept-album »Sand« was released on New Ways Records.
Illustration and layout - while working at Neue Gestaltung
mgo-1 NG_Sembritzki_LP1 NG_Sembritzki_LP2 mgo-5 mgo-4

Sub Press

In 2013, together with David Benski and Laurens Bauer, we founded Sub Press, an independent publishing house. With our own risograph printing machine we have the entire process of creation, production and distribution in our hands and started off with collaborations … lorem ipsum.
subpress-logo-01 subpress-sationery-02 subpress-devices-02

Lodown Magazine Soundfiles #89

Illustration and layout of the soundfiles in Lodown Magazine #89. Next to the Audictive Bunch you will find featured artists Kwes, High Water, The Acid, Discodeine, Khruangbin and Milosh.
Being my musical power-animal for years now, it was great to design the soundfiles in issue 89. Art direction by Yue-Shin Lin.
lodown-01 sf89_highwater sf89_kwes sf89_audibunch sf89_milosh lodown-09


An experimental typeface whose template is a bike wheel. Together with David Benski.

felge-animation-compr felge-2 felge-3 bike

Alp Magazine

The Alps as a refugium of a future. For a few rich who are doing well in cable cars, and for the poor, which - if they are not put into hibernation - on contaminated soil languishing . Or will it be different?
A magazine about the future of the alps - including »The Whole Alps Catalogue«
Illustrations by Kristina Wedel
Direction, Catalogue Design and Layout — while working at Neue Gestaltung

Alp-1cover-bzientek Alp-2-bzientek Alp-3-bzientek Alp-4-bzientek Alp-5-bzientek Alp-6-bzientek Alp-7-bzientek Alp-8-bzientek Alp-ew-bzientek Alp-9-bzientek Alp-10-bzientek Alp-11back-bzientek

Ewwrope VS. Awwmerica

The ongoing friction between Europe and the USA – seen from the perspective of

Ewwrope-01-cover Ewwrope-02 Ewwrope-03 Ewwrope-05 Ewwrope-06


My name is Bartholomäus Zientek, I work in the field of visual communication. As a graphic designer for print and digital, I create and develop identities of ideas, people and products.

After having worked and lived in Nürnberg, Germany and Barcelona, Spain I am currently based in Berlin, Germany.


2014 - Today

Working for Neue Gestaltung in Berlin Mitte, Germany


Foundation of Sub Press publishing house
Together with David Benski and Laurens Bauer


Workshop with Anthony Burrill in Offenbach, Germany, During After School Club 2

2011 - 2012

Internship with Folch Studio in Barcelona, Spain

2009 -2013

Bachelor of Arts at GSO University in Nürnberg, Germany; graduation in Graphic Design and Typography

Website credits

In collaboration with
Bureau Daniel Groner


»Space Mono« by Colophon

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